1. I used to be able to transfer funds from one membership to another to make a VISA payment and now I can't, how come?

    Until further notice, if you need to perform this type of transaction, you will need to transfer the funds from the first account to the savings of the second. You then can sign into the second account to make the VISA payment.

  2. How do I log into Mobile Banking?

    • You must be registered for Online Banking first. Your username and password is the same in Mobile Banking.
    • Download the new Mobile Banking app through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. From your device, download the app by searching for “Holy Rosary Credit Union.”
    • Follow the prompts
  3. When do the points on my VISA Credit Card Rewards expire?

    3 years from the POS (Point Of Sale).

  4. Why does my mobile app lock me out even though I am typing the correct password?

    Your password is case sensitive. Many "smart" phones or electronics put the first letter as a capital even though your password may not have a capital. 

  5. How do I access my account online?

    You must register for Online Banking access through our website www.hrcu.org. This registration process requires a username, password, as well as a valid email address for each user. 

  6. If my debit or credit card was lost/stolen, how can I receive a new one? 

    Members can now have a debit and/or credit card Instant Issued. This means you can now leave the credit union with a new card in hand! However, members still have the option to have a new card sent via mail (arrives in approximately 7-10 business days). 

  7. Should I contact HRCU before traveling?

    Yes. You should inform HRCU before traveling. Your Debit card and VISA credit card need to be adjusted for the dates and locations that you will be using the card outside of the country. Even if you are traveling within the United States, please let us know so we can make notations on your account. 

  8. I do not live in the area and I need to make a deposit; what’s the fastest way to do this? 

    HRCU is now a part of the Shared Branching Co-Op Network. You can go to any participating credit union and conduct your banking business (specific rules and regulations apply) right there and it will be directly deposited/withdrawn from your HRCU account. You will need to provide the credit union name of: Holy Rosary Credit Union and you must provide your member number. Visit http://www.co-opsharedbranch.org/ to find a participating location near you. HRCU also now offers mobile deposit for those that use our mobile app. Members can conveniently deposit checks from their mobile device by simply taking a picture of the front and back of the check(s). (Specific rules and stipulations apply)

  9. How can I view accounts that I may have with other credit unions/banks online? How do I know if another institution does this?

    While signed onto Online Banking, members can add accounts from other institutions by choosing the add icon, under account summary. This will give you a list of institutions that are able to link together.  If the other institution is not on the list, then you are unable to link the accounts together at this time.

  10. What does the message "You currently have registered XX client(s)" mean?

    Every time you register an new electronic device for mobile banking, this message is sent to acknowledge that you have enabled a new or different electronic device like a smartphone or tablet to make mobile banking transactions at HRCU. It shows the total number of electronic devices you have registered for mobile banking.

  11. I'm interested in your Share Certificates. What are your rates and terms?

  12. Does HRCU offer financial advising or counseling?

    Yes we do! We have Certified Financial Counselors on staff at every branch available for any member to consult with. HRCU has also partnered with Northeast Planning & Associates, an organization that offers personal investment, estate planning, retirement planning and much more. Contact our Member Support Center at 603-332-6840 for more information. 

  13. I see some transactions in parenthesis and others without parenthesis in my Online Banking account; why is this?

    Any time you see a transaction or balance in parenthesis, it means it is a deducting transaction or a negative balance. If the transaction or balance is not in parenthesis, it means it is an addition (deposit) transaction or a positive balance.

  14. How do I pay my VISA through Online Banking?

    Simply click on the "loans" tab. Underneath the loans tab there is a green banner that has "credit card payment" written in white lettering. Once you click on "credit card payment," you can pay your VISA directly through your checking or savings account!

  15. What is the Member Support Center?

    Anytime you call HRCU, these member service representatives will be the ones that answer your questions and concerns. They are here to help Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

  16. Does HRCU offer youth accounts?

    Yes we do! M3 Money Club is an exciting account for children ages 0-12 that includes Super Saver Days at participating schools (http://www.operationm3.com/hrcu/current-events.php). Elements of Money is a program designed for youth ages 13-17 and is a great way to teach them to be financially responsible (http://www.elementsofmoney.com/hrcu/).

  17. My debit and/or credit card is expiring. Will I receive a new one?

    Yes you will. The debit card is good for the full month it expires in. You will receive a new one in the mail by the end of the month that your current card expires. Please note that your pin number will remain the same. You will not receive a new one in the mail. 

  18. What if I forgot my user name/password/questions for my Online Banking account? Do I need to come into a branch to have them reset?

    Not anymore! Where you sign into your Online Banking you now have the option of choosing what you forgot such as your password,username, etc. A 6-digit passcode will be sent to your email for security purposes. Once you input that code, it will disclose of the information you need. The only time you will have to contact the credit union is if you have forgotten all of your information or your account has been locked. 

  19. I'd like to join HRCU. How do I know if I'm eligible to join?

    If you live, work or worship in the State of New Hampshire, you are eligible to join Holy Rosary Credit Union. If you have a family member that is a member of HRCU, you are also eligible to join the credit union.

  20. How do I sign up to start getting e-Statements?

    • Sign into Online Banking
    • Click on the e-Statements tab
    • Type in YES to accept the disclosure and hit submit. You are all set.
  21. How much is the rental fee for a safe deposit box?

    Pricing on safe deposit boxes varies by size:

    3" X 5" = $25
    5" X 5" = $40
    3" X 10" = $50
    5" X 10" = $75
    10" X 10" = $100
  22. How much money do I have to keep in my checking (share draft) account to avoid paying a fee, and how much is the fee?

    HRCU offers a non-interest bearing, no-minimum balance checking account that does not charge a monthly maintenance fee. We also offer an interest bearing checking account that requires a minimum of $100 at all times. If the account falls below the required minimum, the fee is $7.50 and is incurred on the last day of the month.

  23. How do I transfer money from one HRCU account to another HRCU account?

    In order to transfer money from one HRCU account to another, we require an authorization form to be signed by the member initiating the transfer. To obtain this form, simply stop by one of our branch locations, or call us at 603-332-6840 or 877-895-6840.

    (If transfers were set up PRIOR to our system upgrade, those remained active and are still in effect.)

  24. Why isn't my debit card working?

    We find that the biggest reason a debit card doesn't work is because you have exceeded your monetary limit for the day. The card can be used for ATM transactions up to $400 per day and for point of sale purchases up to $1000 per day. The business day for the debit card is from 4:00 p.m. to 3:59 p.m. the next day. This limit is in effect to prevent large unauthorized transactions.

  25. What if HRCU doesn’t have my email or it is incorrect?

    Please visit any of our branch locations and an HRCU representative will gladly assist you. 

  26. I need your routing number for direct deposit.

    Our routing number (also referred to as an R/T) is 2114-8966-9.

  27. What service charges do you have?

    A complete list of charges can be found on our fee schedule page.
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