We can help!

We understand that sometimes circumstances beyond our control can make life very challenging. You might be facing an employment lay-off, medical emergency, government furlough, disability, or another major issue that is going to have a big impact on your life. Often one of the greatest challenges presented by an unexpected event or change in life is a financial one.

Here at HRCU, we strive to provide support for any of our members who suddenly face financial hardship. Just reach out to us - we can help in several ways!

Talk with a free Certified Financial Counselor - we have them available at all of our branches. Once we understand what you are facing, we have a variety of tools that could help you, including:

  • One month of deferred loan payments
  • Refinancing an existing loan from another institution to one with a 30-day deferred first payment
  • Financial Recovery Loan: Up to 100% of your net monthly pay, with a maximum amount of $2,500 loaned at 4.500% interest rate for up to 24 months, with a 30-day deferred first payment
  • Early CD withdrawal without penalty

So please don't be afraid to reach out to us. Should you be faced with circumstances that have created financial hardship, call us today at (603) 332-6840 and set up your confidential appointment with one of our Certified Financial Counselors.