Checkbook Balancing Tips

Here are a Few Tips for Balancing your Checkbook:

  • It’s much easier to find a mistake over a short period of time if you balance your checkbook weekly or monthly
  • Make sure you record your checks, deposits, ATM and debit card transactions, along with all fees and dividends
  • What is recorded in your register should match your monthly statement. Indicate (with a checkmark or some other mark) in your register what has cleared on your statement. If you find items on your statement that are not in your register, write them in and add or subtract accordingly
  • Look for common errors: basic addition and subtraction, reversing numbers, subtracting a deposit, automatic payments not deducted, ATM/debit card transactions not deducted, and fees or dividends not accounted for


There is a worksheet on the back of the first page of every statement. It goes through the following procedure to help you balance:

Ending balance from your statement




Any deposits made that are not on the statement









Any checks/debits that did not appear on the statement








After you have checked off everything in your register, start with the end of the month balance on your statement.

*This number should equal the figure in your checkbook register.


Have any other questions about balancing your checkbook? Ask an HRCU representative by calling (877) 895-6840.